How YOU (or really your signature) can be part of History!


To help with the cost of the mission, people are being invited to 'sign the wing' of the airplane for a small $25.00 donation.  Corporate sponsors can sign the wing for a $100.00 donation.   If you are not in person by the airplane, you can STILL participate.  Send a scanned image of your signature (written with a black, sharpie pen on plain white paper) to us and contribute online.  Alternatively, you can mail a $20.00 check ($5.00 discount for non-credit card donations), made payable to:
   Wings of Mercy Foundation
   Wings Around The World Mission
   PO Box 127
   Farmington, MI  48335

We will combine the signatures and create a decal for the wing with your signature!

The following are pictures of people that have already supported the mission with their signatures